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Wow, to the changes of

A woman’s body.

Don’t deny us our


Mood swings, hot sweats,

Angry words,

Which we later regret.

Array of tablets to help

Our hormones

Red and flush with

Sweat dripping of our cheek bones.

For a man to understand,

Would be called a miracle

But all he sees is the visual.

Flatter breasts, irregular periods

Sleep problems, weight gain

Thinning hair,

Would hate to winge

But how is this fair?

We go through a lot us women,

If were not controlled

We would end up in prison.

It’s a part of our life we can’t dodge,

So, take time out and holiday

In a nice lodge.

Come back refreshed and soldier on,

We are strong women,


surreal poetry
Janelle barker
Janelle barker
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