Men of Power

A Poem

Men of Power

A red dawn is nearing so close,

Kindred souls gather to ensure terrible throes,

Between men of power, they care not of the soon to be widows.

Thousands of hundreds of feet they beat the soil,

Wishing and dreaming of home but they follow the royal,

Vows and oaths, treacherous hearts tortured by stolen gold,

Nobles counting not the corpses but only what's was made or sold.

Goblets of poison leave not the unworthy to cry,

Yearning for an end the widowed learn how to fly,

Shouts and cries, they all bow down only to die,

From below we can see the show, a blue burning sky.

Genocide is underway, damning the false gods above and staining the rain,

Haunted nightmares continue with vision of these invisible bloodstains,

Caught and bound, we're left to stay here insane,

Soldiers of war, brothers of whores, die for a power none could contain.

It was pure murder, my brothers,

It was an injustice, my brothers,

Greed had fed man too much and now the price is paid,

No religion, no god can save us now, my brothers.

Man has always been married to the dark,

Now the day draws closer to an end,

These souls are damned to all hells, to forever descend,

Between men of power, they rot in torture, forevermore condemned.

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Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
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