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by K_the Graeae 3 years ago in sad poetry

Brain Waves

Maybe after the sun has risen,

and the clouds have parted...

will I see you standing there.

Where did you go?...

that dreadful day you left,

Do you still hang around?

Or were you waiting for her?

I hear you, I see you,

From time to time...

I want to believe you're always with me.

But, what now. Who will I turn too,

My heart mourns every day.

But the real tragedy I fear

is life getting easier?

Am I moving on?

or simply staying distracted.

No longer will I need to fear

of having eyes full of tears.

Until we meet again.

My cousin, my grandma, my uncle, my friend

sad poetry

K_the Graeae

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K_the Graeae
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