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Memories of You


By Maham JamshedPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Memories of you,

linger in my mind,

like an old melody

that refuses to unwind.

I see your smile,

hear your voice so clear,

feel your touch upon my skin,

like you’re always near.

The moments we shared,

the laughter and tears,

all of it etched

in my heart so dear.

Sometimes I wonder

if you think of me too,

if you remember the love

that we once knew.

But even if time

has pulled us apart,

memories of you

will stay in my heart.

For you were once

my everything, my all,

and I’ll always cherish

the memories we recall.


About the Creator

Maham Jamshed

I Am An SEO Expert, Content Writer And Blogger Who Has Lots Of Experience In The Field With A Lot Of Successes To Date.

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