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Memories of a Life

Reflections on the Bed

By Manikanda RamanPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Memories of a Life
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As I lay here on my death bed,

The memories of my life flood my head.

The days gone by, the moments passed,

Each one now a treasure, meant to last.

I see the faces of those I've loved,

The moments we shared, the times we hugged.

The laughter and tears we've shed,

Now precious memories, forever etched.

I remember the warmth of the sun on my face,

The gentle breeze that flowed with grace.

The fragrance of flowers in bloom,

The magic of life, now fading too soon.

I recall the struggles, the battles fought,

The victories won, the lessons taught.

The hardships endured, the scars left behind,

All part of the story, of a life intertwined.

And yet, as I face my final hour,

I know that I've lived life to its fullest power.

The memories that I hold so dear,

Are the legacy that I leave here.

And so, as I slip into the great unknown,

I take comfort in the life I've sown.

For though my time on Earth is through,

My memories will live on, forever new.

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a year ago

    I appreciate the rhyme scheme and rhythm of this piece. But most of all I appreciate the message behind it! You did a beautiful job of painting the picture of how magical life can be, even in the face of death! Nicely done, Manikanada!

Manikanda RamanWritten by Manikanda Raman

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