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memories makes our life

By Udhaya KarthikaPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Memories, a treasure trove of the past

A collection of moments that forever will last

A story woven with laughter and tears

A journey that we hold dear, through the passing years

They are the echoes of our childhood days

Of sunshine and rainbows, in our childhood ways

The laughter of friends, and the love of family

The memories that warm our hearts, eternally

Memories are the threads that hold our life

A tapestry of moments, that cut like a knife

With the joy and the pain, the laughter and the tears

The memories that make us who we are, year after year

And as we journey through life's winding roads

The memories we cherish, are the things that we hold

For they are the gifts that we keep close to our heart

The memories that never fade, even as time departs

So let us hold onto our memories with pride

For they are the precious things, that we will always carry inside

For they are the proof of the journey we've made

The memories that will never fade away.

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Udhaya Karthika

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