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Memoirs of a Bored Girl

by Hilda Alexander 4 days ago in surreal poetry

Have you ever been Bored?

Photo By Jen-Theodore on Unsplash

Have you ever been bored?

Has boredom ever been a visitor in your abode?

Have you ever looked into its colorless eyes?

Those eyes that stretches like an endless ocean

And makes you wonder when your life would ever begin.

Have you ever wondered what lurks behind its smile?

It comes bearing gifts when the hands are idle

Then slowly but steadily, it makes the careless host the devil’s workshop

Have you ever been bored? Truly bored?

When day and night to you has no meaning

One day goes, another begins and it’s no skin off your back

Time just goes “Drip! Drip! Drip!”

Have you ever really been bored?

Has boredom called you by name?

Has it sunk its fingers dip into your skin?

When the tales of pain and gain of all around

You can tell

When the dealings of sundry

Thou are aware.

The pain it comes along with is hardly physical

But you can feel it just as well

Sadly, then you can say boredom has visited

Then and only then will you realize the dignity in labor

And then would you know

Boredom is a foe and not a friend.

surreal poetry

Hilda Alexander

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