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Melody of the mind: An Ode to Distraction

An Acrostic Journey through the Twirling Pathways of Imagination and Insight Unleashed by Distraction

By Utkarsh SinhaPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The painting "Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle)" by Wassily Kandinsky

Drifting thoughts, dancing in the quiet,

Intricate melodies of the mind begin to riot,

Sweeping away focus, in a gentle abduction,

Transforming mundanity into a wild production.

Reality blurs at the edges, in this peculiar interaction,

As fantasies weave their captivating attraction.

Creativity kindles in the heart of distraction,

Tales unheard, find their voice in this action.

In the chaos, a strange sense of satisfaction,

Our minds find solace in this abstract distraction.

Novel ideas born, as we dance with distraction.

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About the Creator

Utkarsh Sinha

Tinkering with my writing skills day in day out. I'm a person who likes quality over quantity. Stay tuned!

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  • Dana Stewartabout a year ago

    Beautiful, and the art compliments the poem so well! Good job!

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Phenomenal work!

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