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Melodies of the Unseen


By Raj’s VocalPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Melodies of the Unseen
Photo by Fabian Kleiser on Unsplash

In the realm of music, there lies a hidden trove

Where vibrations and frequencies effortlessly rove

A world beyond the notes we hear in our ears

A mystical place where true magic appears

Invisible melodies, floating in the ether

Whispering secrets, drawing us closer

To the heart and soul of every living thing

A universal language that makes our spirits sing

The harmonies of the earth, the symphony of the stars

Creating a chorus that transcends all bars

Of language and time, of space and form

A symphonic tapestry that weathers every storm

So close your eyes and listen with your heart

To the melodies of the unseen, in which we all take part

Let the music guide you to a place unknown

Where the beauty of sound will forever be shown.

nature poetry

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Raj’s Vocal

Welcome to my channel :)

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