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Meant to Be

by Nathaniel Reidhead 5 years ago in sad poetry
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A Poem

They never took time to rely on me

Call on me, depend on me

Though I never took the time, the decency to know that this one man band was anything more than an atrocity, the clear epitome of never stopping to think.

I should have been more than I ought to be, could be, would ever be

But they never took the pain from me

Away from me, instead they insult me

I never took the audacity to take the epiphany that this two-part sculpture framework caught in a rabbit's hole seriously

They said I could never possibly ever amount to anything

So they tear inside of me

break me, hate me

I guess they'll never understand the malady of knowing half my life isn't worth illuminating so they incriminate me

I'll only ever get to be me, the half-cracked shell of a two-bit father smelted from the irony

that I was simply never meant to be.

sad poetry

About the author

Nathaniel Reidhead

Hey everyone, call me Nathan. I am a student at MSSU and I am a psychology major. I love to write stories and poetry and even essays.

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