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by No? No. No. Non. YARO. 3 years ago in heartbreak

A Poem

One summer evening,

in the meadow I lay,

a breathtaking youth

set foot in my gaze.

I espy his beauty,

his bizarre atmosphere,

that he bestows

when no one is near.

What he doesn’t know,

what he doesn’t see,

is that I am here,

beholding he;

For I am a shadow,

hiding, tucked away

conceiving his love

in the meadow I lay.

Disguised in tall grass,

shyly setting my gaze

upon the astonishing beauty

that is blind of my ways.

As I watched him that evening,

a thought entered my head.

''This is the soul that I want to be wed.''

I yearn to approach.

I yearn to concede.

The copious love

that I have for thee.

But as I brood over

this decision, my need,

is effort for nothing,

for he’ll never love me.

This matter repeated.

Many times before.

And it never procures,

It just leaves a sore.

I close my eyes,

and open them.

And as I look up,

my eyes meet his.

My chest, it caves!

My heart, it beats!

Pure panic takes over,

for he has caught me.

I stammer a bit.

My face is flushed.

He holds his hand out,

“May I help you up?”

We were acquainted,

and spoke for months.

As I now reminisce,

I see we were in love.

We laughed all day!

We danced all night.

We were almost always

in each-other’s sight.

Today I awoke,

beside my dove.

And here I sit,

thinking of his love.

I gaze at his skin.

His beautiful hair.

His closed eyes,

Do I dare?

To open them up?

I musn’t pry,

and so I sit,

right where he lie.

Days they pass,

and months go by.

My love! my love!

Please, open your eyes...

I beg and I plead.

But to no avail.

My love won’t wake up,

as I rot in this jail.

Seasons come and go.

My youth is taken.

Still, I sit here,

waiting for my love to awaken.

And so I wait,

to repeat the day,

I captured his eye,

In the meadow I lay.


No? No. No. Non. YARO.

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