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Matrix: Project Disengage

by Kristin Wilson 3 years ago in inspirational
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$laves to $ociety #VocalNPM

Some days I want to change the world, some days I want to hide away...

Detach myself from it all and build a barricade.

Up steep mountains I climb, in murky waters I wade...

I’m determined to see justice, I’m determined to make a change,

I’m determined to walk down the street and see people smile again.

What if we put our hands up and finally declared “No More!”?

We won’t be slaves to society dependent on a store,

No more poison meds masking symptoms being sold to us as a cure.

This society revolves around money, the greatest lie of all lies...

It’s just a worthless piece of paper used to control your mind.

They tell us if we go to work and make money, that makes us “civilized”.

How civil is it that money can determine your worth?

It can buy bombs powerful enough to turn cities into dirt.

It can pay soldiers to kill their foreign brothers.

It can fund mass media to turn us on each other.

It can build walls that separate the land... it can discourage poor people from ever taking a stand.

When did we become so ingrained in this lie?

That we’re nothing special; we’re born, we pay bills, and we die.

If you want to see true value, look in the mirror— you’re alive!

Every cell of your body is a part of you that thrives!

You are divine, an angel walking the Earth,

There isn’t enough money in the world that could equal your worth.

I know that sometimes there seems to be no hope,

The system is so deep rooted you fear it can’t be broke.

I hold out my hands in hope that you will join me in breaking past the illusion,

We can plant gardens, write books, sing songs of love...

We can heal the land for our children, we have the solution.

Living in love and living as one,

We will start a revolution.


About the author

Kristin Wilson

Just a spiritual being having a human experience ☀️💜🔮🧿🧬💎🌞

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