I think every Monday should be...Museum Day

thought Camellia Kissi as she rode side-saddle on the

3-D printed lapel collar of Miss Cocobelle's custom

fitted suit jacket...

Everyone is busy chatting; but, I know that the start

to my weekly social calendar needs to begin with the most

beautiful visual treats so I can elevate my appreciation of

the incredible artistry that people from all over the world

have made...

Having a bird's-eye-view of all the cultural history and

workmanship that has been passed down through the centuries

inspires me, more than ever, to study and learn how masters

of creativity made such exquisite things to present as a token of

gratitude for the wondrous talents they received from the universe...

surreal poetry
The Fashion Design Academy Company
The Fashion Design Academy Company
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The Fashion Design Academy Company

See it...hear it...feel the breath of life

From its silence softly whispers

See me in your dreams and secret visions endlessly through the night

In quiet desperation I await your gentle embrace wishing and hoping you can unlock me...

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