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Marlboro Silhouette


By R. JamesonPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Marlboro Silhouette
Photo by Joshua katt on Unsplash

A cigarette lit

Butt end hanging at the edge of his lip

Crowns of clouds surround

Dancing, swaying, winding their way up

Evaporating in the crisp air

Flavoring his denim

Gone are his distinctive characteristics

Hidden under a worn brim and a house light

Invisible as he chooses to be

Juxtaposed against public perception

Knotted memory

Lackluster demeanor

My Marlboro man

Nearly reached when hands extend in hopes of connecting

Obstinately objecting acknowledgement

Perish the thought

Question no more

Run instead

Save yourself the heartbreak

The headache

Understanding that he doesn’t want to be understood

Vows of silence as vast as his evening shadow

Wondering if there is anyone better at holding themselves hostage

X marking the spot in which he will cement himself as the cursed statue he is

Yowling in remembrance

Zeroing the scale, releasing the weight of a burdened heart

Free Verse

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R. Jameson

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