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Man From The Moon

Children's Rhyming Story

By E MPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Man From The Moon
Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

Simon woke up and sat bolt up-right,

For something had crashed and it gave him a fright.

He squinted his eyes in the dark of the room,

And they landed upon what looked like the moon!

He got out of bed, ted under his arm,

To make sure that the object had come to no harm.

As he peered around the bookcase, it came into sight,

It was the man from the moon in his room that night!

He was round and grey and he looked like a rock,

He had arms and legs and could even walk!

Simon cautiously approached and whispered "Hello.",

"How did you get here?", he wanted to know.

Well Simon was shocked as it started to talk,

"I was on my way home, but the way, I forgot".

"I crashed in this window and now I am lost",

"Please help me get home, tonight at all costs!".

So Simon decided right there on the spot,

Of course he must help, what choice had he got?

The moon needed this man to help light up the sky,

He must get him home in a machine that would fly!

Simon started to look for the things they would need,

To build a machine that had mighty speed.

For to get to the moon would take a while,

In fact, over two hundred thousand miles!

The machine had to be fast, the speed of light,

In order to reach the moon that night.

They formed a plan and they got to work,

It had to be great, it couldn't get stuck!

They began with the body, a big cardboard box,

Then made the nose from some building blocks.

The wings were feathers from a barn owl toy,

And when they had finished they looked upon it with joy.

But they stood there a moment, something was missing,

The machine just sat there, no humming or hissing.

How would they get it to start up and go?

Simon pondered on this and began to feel low.

"Wait just a minute!", said the man from the moon,

"We need a little something to make her go zoom,".

He had in his hand magic moon rock dust!

"Now watch her start up with a mighty gust!"

Their eyes lit up as they watched the machine,

'Twas the most magical thing Simon ever had seen!

Lights started flashing and smoke filled the room,

The man from the moon would return home soon!

He got into the chair and prepared to leave,

Simon pushed him to the window with a mighty heave.

And with one, great, big, final push,

Man from the moon hit the turbo-boost!

Then that was it! He was up in the sky!

Simon waved from his window and shouted goodbye!

He watched the machine wind, twirl and loop,

And wondered who else might happen to look!

The man from the moon shouted goodbye,

"Thank you my friend for helping me fly".

"I must get back now before it gets light",

"But I promise to visit some other night".

So when all that was left was a speck in the sky,

Simon turned to go to bed and close his eyes.

But just as he did he looked up at the moon,

It winked, it smiled and whispered, "See you soon!".

© Copyright 2011 lainey (lainey28 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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