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Majestic Peaks

Nature's Towering Masterpiece

By Munthas APublished about a year ago 1 min read

Majestic peaks rise high,

Piercing the sky with their majesty,

A sight that never fails to catch the eye,

A wonder of nature's tapestry.

Snow-capped summits in the distance,

A vision of grandeur and awe,

Their sheer size and magnificence,

A testament to nature's raw power.

Rugged cliffs and jagged rocks,

Form a fortress around the mountainside,

A towering masterpiece that mocks,

The feeble attempts of human pride.

From their lofty heights, they reign,

Silent witnesses of time gone by,

Watching over the valley's plain,

As the world rushes by.

Majestic peaks, we stand in awe,

At your beauty, your might, your grace,

Nature's grandest work without a flaw,

A masterpiece that time cannot erase.

nature poetry

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Munthas A

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