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By train of thoughts Published 4 months ago 2 min read

Verse 1

Let melodies frequently channel your energy Bring back your, sanity.

Love and chemistry, it poetry not about flows and versatility,

Neither lyricism nor deepest terminologies,

But issues behind closed doors of households in the communities,

Women and children get abused, raped and killed constantly,

By men who speaks of devotion but treats them differently,

Men who in the public eye appears to have generously,

but instantly transforms into beasts' private vicinities,

Men are trash we labeled under same category,

At this rate who am I to disagree?

But rather die, than see a woman abused, raped killed in from me,

Women sacrifice themselves in the name love,

They don't deserve to die,

The hands of men should be their paradise,

But the same hands leave them paralyzed,

Verse 2

Different sound of elements,

To reach souls that is eloquent,

It's evident,

Melodies posses’ different kind of sentiments,

Continuously elevate innocence,

Embrace celebrant,

With these raps I am subconsciously confident,

That I'll mold your mind set with a collective spiritual concept that is eminent,

With music i Plant knowledge you'd harvest,

Deep linguistic concepts leaves me also perplex,

In reality a man's chest should be a woman's life vest,

But we got women questioning themselves am I next,

I say Walking away is no different from taking a stand/

While God has given you a chance

What you waiting for? Your jaw to be broken next?

Or a life time with a broken neck?

Save your life those who care,

Know your worth and face your fears,

Open your mind be diverse,

Don't die first,

Love shouldn't be a sacrifice your last breaths,

You don't force to be a success,

At the end you'll realize it was not worth your tears,

Verse 3

We are constant pollution to men kind,

Coward men who think we are in possession of power over the woman they claim to love,

What happened to you going crazy when you laid eyes on her the first time?

Was it all lie?

We don't deserve to witness such beauty mother earth has been so kind,

At times i personally wish we lose your eye sight, And go blind,

This for couples who can't have a Peaceful night, who can't sleep with a Fight,

For music heals souls, spirit and mind,

I pray my words reach you in time,

In this day in age,

Being in love is no different to being in a shallow grave,

We the walking dead,

It's up to us to decide on our fate,

Before you lay in your casket and disintegrate,

They say wantitha bafazi wa ntithi Imbokoko but women are fragile they need to be taken care of

And we doing exactly the opposite and that's wrong


About the Creator

train of thoughts

As I embark in this journey of learning how to write, I hope to make an impact in my perspective

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