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Magic No Magic


By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Magic No Magic
Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

The snow goes wild here around my house

The snow goes wild here around my house

But that's the only thing here

I collected them for you

I shaped them for you

I colored them for you

I covered them for you

I sprinkled them all around your dress

all around your hair

I glued them

To make you a flute

l cleared them for you to move free

I cherished them cause l wanna give you all

Everything I made l thought I couldn't

Now my house feels comfortable, looks just fine

They are all real, snowy friends of mine

Now l await you, my treasure

l wish you can find the best pleasure

And a good night sleep

Next the journey awaits us as we seek

You came and passed by

Didn't bother stopping by

It's so not true that it didn't hurt

But believe me it's alright

l move on but have a clumsy habit of stopping by

Some people open the doors and their smile, anger, hatred, fears, love and every drop of

tears fly around me

l feel like crying, I feel like laughing

l feel like moving

I feel like melting

Sometimes l want to walk on water

Sometimes l want to drown in it

Sometimes l want to dive deep

Sometimes l want to float in it

Sometimes l'm just happy thinking the air surrounds me with love

Sometimes l'm so sad that I want the air to be thick and hide me

Most of the time l don't feel nothing

No, that's wrong

I feel the air so smooth

feel like bubble and wanna fly around

feel like l could melt in the air

get absorbed in the water

the absolute peace

But they never let me be

They do their best to confine me

Whenever l take a step forward

or lift my legs

feel light in the air

they say I'm ignoring responsibility

They say I'm being a bad girl

they say I don't care

Then I won't care

Absorb me oh water!

Accept me oh air!

Let me melt, free my heart to everywhere

Let me cry with you oh brother!

Let me carry on with you oh love!

Nets of weather can't i be your pray?

Capture my old self and memory

I'll come back for it later I promise

l wanna move around then die, little time

I'll spend to stay

Hide me, oh forest! So deep

hurt me then spread me

I want you to touch my wings

Bind me for a little time only to set me free

My heart so wants to be free

Find your best elsewhere

I also move on, I wanna go everywhere

My journey don't have to include you

My life longing to be

But I'll try to remember our frozen friendship

And spread my wish in the air "Hey, youngsters wanna spread those damn broken wings

It's head or death

Who wants to take it?

The only chance to be free.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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