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Lyrical Lunacy

Yule Moon

By ROCKPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read
           Lyrical Lunacy
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Moon Lit Blues

Snow light falls onto faded ivory keys

Out of tune no one sees

When Beiwe sits at midnight on an unstable stool

Singing her heart out sans rhyme or rule

Northern lights, green, purple, blue

Dreams of songbirds, mice, foxes, and Yule

From slumber till morn in a perfect pitch

Songs simmer afire for one folktale witch

It's said she tries to ignite agrarian fear

Cursing the soil with her spiteful lyre

Chaotic arrangements wreak havoc they say

Yet with each full moon on this dark winter's day

The villager's wake and begin to play.

Some have only pots and pans, others simply clap their hands

Others bring flutes or mandolins

Beiwe sits and pecks out a childhood song

Laughs at the bad witch as her attempts go wrong

The evil one's sickened from the all-night tunes

Maddened deeply as the whole town croons

Although Beiwe glows this glorious hour

The witch hides in the shadows from this Winter's choir

The full moon lights up the smiles on their faces

As they play and sing till the sunlight graces

All of them chime in for the successful fight

"We've saved our soil and conquered the night!"

The unmeasured tune rings on in her head

Howling she flees as they crawl back to bed.

Lyrical lunacy, a solstice gone well

We dream the same dream to each midwinter's bell

The greeneries blessed, the riegns are turned over

Fertile with seeds that bring winter's closure

nature poetry

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Writing whether truth or fiction, feels as if I am stroking across a canvas, painting colorful words straight from my heart.

I am both a USA and Swedish citizen; from my old farmhouse in western Sweden I tap into my muse via nature.

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  • ROCK (Author)2 months ago

    Admittedly bummed I didn't get a runner's up. I wrote ths with such hope. My IRL communty said, " it's marvelous and you'll surely get noticed". I turn 6o tomorrow and really wanted a surprise.

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