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lust fragment 2

by Joe Nasta 7 months ago in heartbreak · updated 3 months ago
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turn your face to the left and look at me

lust fragment 2
Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash

You’ve never been to Honolulu.

Let me take you in my mind.


I’ll meet you at the airport, whip you

straight downtown to show you


everything: There is nothing here.

There is nothing left.


The ships across the water never move.

The bay unfolds itself to the sun and sky.


A highway runs between us on the empty

streets and Aloha Tower, abandoned.


We’ll pass ‘Iolani Palace boarded

up in the blazing afternoon.


The office buildings crumble down.

No one living is around.


The park has yellow grass

under the heavy air. You want it


to rain onto yr moist skin

but it will never rain again.


Turn your face to the left and look at me.

This poem was included in my book "I want you to feel ugly, too," which can be read on issuu. Originally published in Mineral Lit Mag's Lana Del Rey mini issue.

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About the author

Joe Nasta

Hi! I'm Joe (ze/zir), a queer multimodal artist and writer. I work in Seattle & I write love poems.

@roflcoptermcgee on Instagram

@joenasta on TikTok

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