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The full summer moon brought grief into focus

By Sherry Lowell-LewisPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash


In my dream

I wake to a crushing pressure on my chest.

It wants me to stop.



It. What hates me?

Is it outside, trying to get in?

Or inside, trying to get out?

I struggle to catch some air.

I fight without moving.

What does it want?

I claw my way to consciousness,

Breathing now, in and out,

In rhythm with hands clutching, releasing balls of sheets.

Heart fluttering, grasping at normalcy,

Whatever that is, at 3am.

Through the bedroom window, the full moon bathes me in its crazy light.

Reality begins to overtake whatever that other thing was/is.

Mom is gone.

Sitting up, I see her, across the pool.

Watching, loving, caring.

This is what lunacy is.

--Sherry Lowell-Lewis, Jan. 1, 2023


About the Creator

Sherry Lowell-Lewis

Actor, writer, voice-over artist, teacher, author, mother and Grammy of 4. I've done a lot. I grew up in Bolivia, Laos and Taiwan. Married 25 years, widowed. Please read my stuff and leave a comment! Thanks.

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  • Sam Grackle9 months ago

    There's definitely a lot of emotion here. Good work.

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