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by Kirsten Huey 4 years ago in inspirational
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This is a poem I wrote about suicide before I got married to my best friend who was suicidal.

This is a lullaby, please don't cry, those feelings that you try to hide, about someone who died. So many things you wanted to say, but they faded away. Put down that blade, and listen to what I have to say. Don't cut. I know how you feel, I lost someone too. You may get bullied, I've been there too. So take my hand, and drop the blade, and listen to what I have to say. Don't say goodbye. Dry your eyes, untie that rope, please don't cry, don't take your life, it's a gift. There's life and death and many people die everyday. Some are bullied, some are abused, some are even bruised. I know you're depressed, I've been there too, but don't give up so easily, don't let it lose your life so precious as can be. Some people die after they are born. So don't take your life because you are lucky to be alive. This is my lullaby.


About the author

Kirsten Huey

I am 18 and I love poetry and I'm married to my best friend .

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