LSD Reflections

by K. M. Strong about a year ago in art

Making Sense of an Acid Trip

LSD Reflections

Your mind makes use of every hour

Like learning to use a new super power.

Retrieving my sanity in the shower,

It felt like being reborn.

No use making sense, no use resisting.

Your consciousness strains as your eyes are insisting

As all of the elements around you are twisting

'Til all of your logic is torn.

Buckled by images you cannot believe,

A liquid fiend designed to deceive

And formulate visions only you can perceive...

The euphoria can't be unworn.

All your realities seem so fleeting

But every moment was so worth meeting

When all of the lies your eyes had been eating

Alas, leave you feeling forlorn.

K. M. Strong
K. M. Strong
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