Low-Income Housing

Fighting the Stigma to Live

Low-Income Housing

I walk these streets and ponder

Where does everything meet up

Will the roads ever just end

They twist and turn

And some overlap

Some say they are confusing

Most say you have to live there to understand

but they are all quite simple

You walk, people stare

“you live in low-income housing?”

Some outsiders snicker

I guess stands for getting nothing new

Others who haven’t been where you are, bicker

You live in a place that everyone judges you for

Some have to put a label on poor

Others try and control you

Just because you live here

Shouldn’t mean you should be judged

Once you go there you will see

How great the community actually can be

Not everyone here

Is as bad as they seem

We help each other

This community understands

We all struggle to make ends meet

And in a world where common needs are hard to come by

Make places like this get its bad reputation

Now take a step back

And think of what you’ve done

Take a minute

And remember

Why we can't be where you are

And just try to understand

What it's like being


social commentary
Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra
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Janetta Poitra

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