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Loving too much

How much can a human heart take

By Just DanielPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Loving too much
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Humans are born to love,

born to live, born to laugh, born to feel.

Many of us experience much love from when we were a child,

some of us, not so much. Some of us, not at all.


But what happens when there is a void,

where there is no love to be received?

There is still the ache, the longing, the quest to find,

to find the perfect fit.

And once found, never left behind.


Then again once we find this something,

something to make us whole,

we will grasp onto it tightly

and never let it go.


When we find love, make it close and dear to us,

We will do everything to protect this love,

even step in front of a bus...

A school bus, with its flashing red lights and stop sign out,

with the metal crossing thing that swings out when the bus stops and lets the children out;

ah yes, the school bus crossing arm that acts as a safety device when children cross in front of the school bus.



Well anyways,

love is simple, love is complicated,

love is short, love is long,

love is sweet and bitter,

but we use love to protect ourselves and others,

so we can get better together.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Just Daniel

I write short fiction when I have time. There are also elements of my life interwoven with fantasy that I incorporated into my writing. I also like the unknown, so enter into the dark, true, and mysterious if you dare...

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  • E.K. Daniels4 months ago

    Beautiful, Daniel. Melancholy but hopeful.

  • Alina Lukeabout a year ago

    Nice short and simple! I would remove the "Well anyways" part. This is one of the many word filters people use when they are not able to think of anything else to insert. Perhaps, insert more of your voice into this short poem. Otherwise, keep it up :)

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