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Love on Repeat

by D.C. Bugg 4 years ago in heartbreak
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A Poem About Self Doubt

My love life has been like a scab

It hurts, it bleeds and it’s ugly

But I pick at it when I’m bored, so

It’s still here

Do you ever wonder to yourself,

“If I’m so smart, why do I make such bad decisions?”

I know it will leave a scar

But I pick at it anyway

I have trust issues now

Not only with men

With myself

With my seemingly defective judge of character

My sneaky gullibility

I can’t be trusted

I mean, you start to question the line

Between human intelligence and animal instinct

When a person makes the same mistake

This. Many. Times.


About the author

D.C. Bugg

A young woman just trying to anonymously share her life's mistakes with the world.

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