Love Letter to My Favorite Hometown Spot

by Christina C 2 months ago in art

Nostalgia does hit pretty hard, so I thought I should write it down.

Love Letter to My Favorite Hometown Spot

Growing up, it was traditional for me and my family to drive by the bay.

We would stop at this one spot that seemed to be hidden from the rest of the town.

So to us it was a special place.

It's called Ropes Park.

It may not have looked much from the drivers passing by on Ocean Dr.

But there was more to it than the grass and the ocean waves.

There were hidden gems within a gem

It here in this treasured spot.

It was a hidden little beach where you could see both downtown and the university.

It was a middle lookout by the bay.

So no matter the time of the day,

We could see the edge of the city.

And they couldn't see us, I don't think.

There are stairs that lead you down from the top of the cliff of grass,

To the beach where there's sand on your feet,

Wind blowing your hair away your face,

Just like my nightmares away from my mind.

Waves rocking back and forth so majestically.

Wildflowers growing and blooming along the side

Giant rocks on the sea everywhere,

You just couldn't help but feel like it was your own mountain to be on top of.

You just sit on them and take in peace in God's grace of His creations.

The only pet peeve I have with this beach was that there was litter everywhere.

It disturbs my inner peace within my soul and my eyes.

But I guess it adds some character to it, somewhat.

I remember one time it was so clear that I could see life beneath the surface.

The waves were so still.

I guess His creation taught me what when I'm at peace, things will come clear.

With everything traumatic that happened at 16 which also got me started coming to what I consider this to be my holy place or safe haven from life,

I sort of understand why it happened.

And I'm at peace with that what I don't.

Right now, at 21 years old.

I can still feel the breeze like I used to years ago.

It's funny how things had changed in my life than what I had in mind back then.

But just like the still clear waters of Corpus Christi Bay,

I'm at peace with it.

So Ropes Park on Ocean Dr of my oceanic hometown,

I miss you a lot.

Not a day goes by that I"m not nostalgic for you.

You were a truly magical place for me to be at in my hardest times.

Yours Truly,

~Christina C.~

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