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Love law of shoes

by Parvin Kona about a month ago in art
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Love law of shoes

Marriage is a pair of shoes. No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is to fit; No matter what kind of marriage, the most wonderful thing is harmony. Don't just covet the luxury of shoes and wronged your feet. What others see is shoes, what they feel is feet. Feet are more important than shoes, which is a truth that many people often forget.

——Bi Shumin


Newton found the law of gravitation under the apple tree, and I suddenly remembered the relationship between shoes and love on the bus. So he stepped into the threshold of the dormitory and kept turning on the computer. Green jade fingers brushed tenderness and wrote a paragraph about shoes and love.

Sometimes, inspiration is fleeting, and suddenly I don't know how to write. Try every means to search for information in Baidu to understand the origin and history of shoes. Occasionally I see a beautiful article called "when you feel deep, don't forget to experience the meaning of marriage like shoes". The idea is like running water, beautiful and impeccable, and combines emotion and reason.

I have some envy, even some jealousy. My fragile heart hesitates more. Do you really want to continue writing? Do you have to keep writing? Well, you have your amorous feelings, and I have my wonderful. After thinking hard, I told myself that I must write down the story, even if it is a kind of ethereal memory, even a way of remembrance.

Shoes affect the fashion trend and build colorful foot landscapes. Love is the eternal theme of the world, which deduces the true meaning of the five flavors of life. Falling in love with others is like finding a pair of shoes for your feet, which match and are symmetrical. Love is a happy thing. With the right person, it's like wearing comfortable shoes and dancing with the prince. With the wrong person, is wearing gorgeous shoes, a person watching lonely, sad tears.

Shoes are the home of feet. If they are too small, they will appear crowded and uncomfortable. If they are too large, they will appear empty and lonely. There are many kinds of shoes. It is difficult to find a suitable pair. The types of human nature are more complex. It is even more difficult to find a suitable lover. That kind of fate can be met but not sought. Where should we go? Looking for a pair of perfect shoes, looking for a perfect love. Buddha said that a hundred years of cultivation can cross the ship together, and a thousand years of cultivation can sleep together.


Slippers are easy, casual and comfortable. They are one of the necessary articles for home. When you are happy, you can play symphonies; When you are worried, you can throw it into the dark corner. Some people say that slippers are red apricots coming out of the wall, exposing their feet outside, while their hearts are close to the vamp; Some people say that slippers are a lazy attitude towards life. The longer you wear them, the less motivated you are.

I still remember the directness and honesty of brother discipline: "slippers are free to do whatever they want. They don't worry about being broken or lost. They don't worry about whether they fit. They can wear them if they want, but they can't go to the right place and have no sense of responsibility. If they are popular, slippers are the original wife, their own basic equipment, private and ordinary scenery."

The affection with Xiaonian's brother is a little more than friendship, less than love and less than family affection. In a strange and realistic, beautiful and cruel City, I rely on his gentle care and meticulous care. He likes to eat the food cooked by him, which is light and delicious; I like to listen to his stories. I like to see his sunny smile and slightly raised corners of his mouth.

For my colleagues at work, friends in life and relatives in my family, I am a quiet, elegant and clever girl. Only in front of Xiaonian's brother can you be reckless, even do nothing wrong, sometimes make trouble without reason, and be the most real, natural and honest swallow.

When I was sad, I yelled at him and vented all my dissatisfaction; He was noisy and indulged in all his worries; When he failed, he threw himself on his broad chest and cried; Happy, dragging his thin figure to Waltz; Successful, I personally cook a table of private dishes with complete color, flavor and flavor for him.

Perhaps this is a happiness from life, plain and simple, simple and true, and the truth will last forever. So I decided to send this familiar man to the palace of marriage, enjoy the fragrance of love and feel the warmth of home. Unfortunately, it's not me to accompany him to the end. The bride is another strange girl.

Perhaps you will be surprised that this must be a stupid decision, and a temporary mistake will leave a lifetime of regret; But slippers can only be worn casually at home, and all the beauty can only be branded in that cabin. I long for freedom and fly to a higher and farther sky. Floating into the fairy. From: zuowenzhang com

First love is unforgettable. Brother Xiaonian, the title of brother, is his exclusive. I don't want to call any man affectionately.


Sneakers are natural and unrestrained, energetic, free, popular, light and generous, without affectation, vanity and formality. Naturally applicable, everyone's comments prefer this one. Swallows also fall in love with this style at first sight. They can't help but love it. They pursue not only comfort, but also because they can visit mountains and rivers, climb mountains and mountains and experience the scenery of the ends of the earth. It is a sweet and refreshing feeling, intoxicating and infatuated.

The affection with that boy goes beyond the boundary of friendship. It is one step worse than marriage and one step longer than lover. Call it a confidant! As long as I have his years, my life will be colorful, colorful and colorful; Without him, my world would be dim and faded, leaving only black and white, two monotonous pigments.

He is the patron saint of love, and God asked me to protect his heart. Always like to stir up a layer of small waves in ordinary life. All the way to the beach, we are full of sunshine and happy to chase cactus. Always like in the boring night, turn on the computer, look for the lively avatar on the Internet, and then send a bright smiling face or a warm hug. I always like to run hand in hand under the misty and rainy sky in the wild with blooming flowers. My eyebrows are fresh soil, and I look up to listen to the sound of birds crossing. Like, like every moment with him around, whether it's the Internet or reality, I still feel so happy and full.

Pink Youth is engraved with our beautiful time. I remember that night when the stars lit on the moon, we sat quietly on the roof. He held my warm little hand and sang. Think about it and have a look. The moon represents my heart. Silently looking at the moon and his face, I know that the moon is full and waning, and people have joys and sorrows. Goodbye, never again.

Look for someone else's shoes. Why? You gave birth to me, but I grew old when you gave birth to me. The mean time stole my love, and the darkness gave birth to the dawn. It was not the dawn that belonged to me, but the morning glow that belonged to him. He came gently, walked gently, and kissed gently, which took away my sweet smile and left his bitter tears.

I like him, his responsibility, his responsibility. I won't ask him to stay. Even if he is willing to turn back, he will take me with him. I decline. Perhaps, I will suffer, I will struggle.


Leather shoes are beautiful, gorgeous, fashionable, avant-garde, fashionable, noble and charming. If you wear too much and walk too long, your feet are uncomfortable, and you will feel pain. You can only wear it at important business meetings and important gatherings. It is specially handled in special periods. Some people only think of it when they are lonely, and some feelings are only needed when they are lonely.

I remember that beautiful promise floating in my ear path: "Ya Ya, give you to me and let me guard you all my life, okay? As long as you give me a chance, I will cherish you, because you are my favorite and my heart. My life can't live without you. Without you, I live lonely and uncomfortable, like walking corpses." Now, these vows are like autumn leaves floating in the wind. The withered fallen leaves have returned to their roots, accompanied by a big tree. But he has gone away, abandoned me and gone away. Who am I relying on?

How many times have you dreamed of becoming his bride, sitting on the carpet with him back to back, listening to music, talking about wishes, and growing old together. How many times have I dreamed of becoming his beauty, walking hand in hand with him in Yueyang Tower, chanting poems against him, and having fun and fun together.

Yuelao likes to play tricks on kind-hearted girls and is also a test of delusional men. On the eve of national day, Liangliang made an appointment with his friends to visit Bao'an and took my girl by the way. I dress up for my current boyfriend and future husband. White skirt, long hair, lady shoes. Wearing high heels for the first time, the heel was scratched and painful. But for the sake of the person I love, I bite my teeth and don't feel hard. Because I want to bloom the purest smile in Liangliang's eyes.

I don't know why I am allergic. I have red spots on my face. The heaviest foundation make-up can't hide my embarrassment. The beauty was greatly reduced. The moment Liangliang saw me, he lost the gentleman's demeanor of loving and cherishing jade in the past, became a familiar stranger and began to flirt with other girls. I dare not look up, because I am afraid, afraid of my vulnerability, afraid of my grievances, broken into crystal drops and flowing into a river.


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