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By SANJAI Published 7 months ago 1 min read
He Apologizes to her

Love was once a rose so sweet,

Its petals soft and tender.

But now it's withered at my feet,

The thorns they cut and render.

I thought our love was strong and true,

A bond that could not falter.

But in the end, it was untrue,

And our love did alter.

My heart once beat with love's pure fire,

A flame that burned so bright.

But now that flame has expired,

Left only ashes in the night.

I gave my heart, my soul, my all,

But it was not enough to keep.

Our love, once standing tall,

Now fallen to a loveless heap.

The pain of love's demise is real,

A wound that cuts so deep.

But I'll mend, I'll heal,

And rise again to love and keep.

For though love failed me in this time,

I know it's not the end.

I'll love again and find my rhyme,

With a heart that's on the mend.


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