Lost Time

Make the Most of Today

Lost Time

The minutes stole away from me, I pressed to slow it down

I wanna thank my lucky stars but don't recognize this town

I tore away at the midnight sky just to see a new sunrise

Praying for another day just to stare into your eyes

There were things I didn't know, like the weight of it all

Just as the heavens pledged the stars they would never fall

But then I turned my head and saw that you were not around

I was taking in the desert air, but felt I was gonna drown

Looking back to younger days, I thought I shot the moon

Now it seems, to me at least, I counted up too soon

All the tricks you had to play, and never dare let up

Here I sit drenched in sweat, trying to empty this cup

Thinking himself a wiser fox, the kit was never taught

Places where he shouldn't run and things he shouldn't ought

The minutes stole away from me all I've ever known

I guess that's just the way of things til I'm called back home

sad poetry
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Daniel Cole

Author and artist, I'm finding my spirit again late in life. Old passions for poetry borne of love, loss, hope and pain, things with which everyone is familiar.

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