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Lost in Tinted Translation

Bedazzled and Frazzled in a Spectrum of Difference

By Kishan BaskaranPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Image by Anne-Marie Miller on GettyImages

Two spirits wage war

Locked and caged in a singular vessel

Wrestling for the chance to explode

In vibrant defiance and colourful spunk

Drunk off of the feeling of uninhibited comfort.

Finally tasting the blue of skies often saved for those of homogenous skin

Able to fly off the fuel of blind confidence

Able to stand strong in stern eyes condemning identity as sin

For regardless of the rose-tinted mirror We look in

True colours of Me are stubbornly uncovered from within.

A disco of dichotomous proportions

Forcing us to dance and sway

Lost in the intramembranous space

Of being defined as this or they

Smudging the edges of the rainbow

To remove the stark bands of hard hues

Bringing shades and gradients to the reds and the blues

Accepting that not all is well-defined.

How sorely do we wish to be embraced

As a valued wave in the broad spectrum of light

Creatures born in between the binary

Blessed with gifts of both sides

Bridled by the curse of being unwanted by either

Lost in tinted translation

We are the pink and periwinkle contradiction to old and faded lies

Proud of how bright and rich our differences shine.

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