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Lost in the Labyrinth

Traversing the Depths of the Labyrinth, Seeking the Pathway to Enlightenment

By RiparianPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Lost in the Labyrinth
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Lost in the labyrinth, a maze so grand

A world so vast, that's out of hand

A web of paths, that lead astray

A world of confusion, that's here to stay.

The walls so high, they block the light

A never-ending journey, with no respite

The twists and turns, that go on and on

A world so confusing, that we can't go beyond.

The heart of the labyrinth, a secret so deep

A world of wonder, that we can't keep

The answers that lie, in the heart of the maze

A mystery so grand, that we can't phase.

Lost in the labyrinth, a world so strange

A world of darkness, where nothing is plain

The whispers in the air, a haunting sound

Echoes of the lost, that can't be found.

The path I follow, leads to the unknown

A journey so perilous, that's not for the alone

But I will keep going, despite the fear

Until the end, I will persevere.

Lost in the labyrinth, a puzzle so vast

A world of mystery, that will always last

But I will search, until I find the light

And escape the labyrinth, before the night.

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