Lost Angels City

by Andrew Arnett about a year ago in surreal poetry

Urban Renewal

Lost Angels City

Watching the televangelist

on a Saturday morning:

“Keys to success are found in

the principals of Christ,” he says.

most satanists, I’ve found, follow the

principals of Christ but reject the person.

most Christians follow the person of Christ

but reject the principals.

“Success isn’t a Rolls Royce, or a mansion,

or a yacht. Success is the attainment of

what you want.”

I was listening to these words, while

eating my breakfast when, my father

walked in the front door.

“Getting your morning religion?” asked dad.

“It’s the only channel that comes in on the TV,” I said.

a few moments later, my mother found the remote

and turned the TV off.

I finished my breakfast then went out into

the city.

surreal poetry
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