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Lost and found and lost and ....

Self Motivation

By Nitu HowladerPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Lost and found and lost and ....
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

Forcing my tired eyes out of the window

The sparkle of the fallen snow tries hard to reflect on them

The cold finds its place in my heart

Christmas came back again

Forgot to knock on my door

Now I'm forcing this weak body on the street

Empty heart, massive crowd

A tiresome effort to embrace them all

I hear people screaming hope

Some even said home

When one part of me repeatedly recites

Lovely evenings don't last long.

A fresh morning never lasts a minute.

What to do if I'm the one who have to face these all?

A deadline is also available that find your way now or suffer forever.

Already too late to cover it.

Already winter how to summer it?

Another part of me strikes back

Can winter be of any use then?

Calm down, no need to fuel then.

Freeze your worries then make a trash box out of them.

You need a teapot make them out of your misery

and fill it with the seeds of hope

You can buy them from the store of your good memories

If memories hurt then forget that l even mentioned them.

You can get a grip of a silly chance

Then have a cup of heartwarming tea.

You need a desk

make them out of your guilty feeling

a chance to start afresh.

Need a lamp

burn your dizzy feeling and light it up.

Freezing winter coming through,

let it blow and fly around your house,

just know that it's not forever.

The sooner you let your mind flow,

the sooner you will be free from your trap. Accept the winter breeze,

let it flow, only then it can go.

Mistakes are present, then make recovery your tomorrow.

If you have nothing, you can borrow.

Ice of winter, let it heal your scar.

(I know how it feels when) loss is true, love is fake and hurts are deep but no one cares.( But l saw that finally l got over that time.

So l know) winter is deep but it isn't forever. Winter comes back (and l know a little bit about how to) be friendly with it.

(One way never works for everyone. So, l don't discuss much, but my secret was) outlook matters a lot anyhow.

Opposite may opposite you

The word “opposite” is of big deal.

I'll prove it.

Your yesterday's mistakes make you suffer but they also make you aware,

bring you down to your knees

but let you know that you were high just a few moments ago.

You are weak. That means you are doomed but could also mean to come up with a way to be strong.

don't wanna nag more but share the truth that opposite thought brings opposite fruit.

(My) good moments passed away again (unlucky me).

l faded my wounds away only 2 years ago. But don't know how it could be.

Whether l follow trouble or trouble follows me.

Maybe l waned to write to myself that

give yourself another chance,

anyone can fall apart sometimes.

By Brett Jordan on Unsplash


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Nitu Howlader

Rhythm Without Regulation

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