Lost Again

by Anathi Bungani 10 months ago in heartbreak

Maybe one day I'll feel better again.

Lost Again

It still feels like a dream

Something that I will perhaps still wake up from

There is fog in my eyes I don't see clearly

There is something I always wanted desperately

They always said that I need to let my guard down

Who would've known that my heart would get broken the first time I did

I should've known what you were up to

I was slowly crawling my way out of this pit of sadness

You said you loved me and you just dragged me right back

This may sound like madness

I spent all my life protecting my heart

The walls you broke with just your smile

I am still grieving the death of my heart

You made your moves so smart

I could've never known all your promises were lies

The way you kissed me gave me direction

It was nothing but perfection

And now...

I am lost again.

This trauma you've put me through seems surreal

So if I'm dreaming, someone please wake me up.

I am broken down

Everywhere I go I wear a frown

My heart is broken

I tried to put my heart together

But what do you do when you don't know which piece belongs where?

I am still alive because my body refuses to give up

I have been dead inside

But maybe one day I'll feel better again.

Anathi Bungani
Anathi Bungani
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Anathi Bungani

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