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Lord of the Kart

... there I ride with so much absolute zeal ...

By CaeizarPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

There I ride with so much absolute zeal

So undefeated I need no appeal

My weapons bring mushroom kingdom to heel

I, lord of the kart and he in first place


Zipping around turns I have no equal

There won't be after this race a sequel

Though maybe they'd know that from the prequel

After I left all my foes in my dust


Behind me rivals cry utter despair

One lets loose a quite loud “this is not fair”

I say nothing, I've no pity to spare

No quick incoming shells for which to scare


But what’s this I see on the horizon

Some sort of dark evil reverse kaizen

A spiked koopa shell encased all in blue

Closer and closer as it grew in view


I hear the ringing, I hear the singing

The sound of very loud dreaded pinging

As destruction comes to my rear clinging

In a moment, destroyed, decimated


Meanwhile I hear her speed and place gaining

Was she all this dear while merely feigning?

Feigning over defeat while sustaining

Her speed and her vast cache of weaponry


Too late to change hubris and sheer demise

I see now I'm going to lose my prize

See now that I shall never ever rise

To the speed needed to maintain first place


In a moment of abject terror, she passes

Passes me by in front of all the dear masses

Makes pointless all those late nights of gaming classes

I can already hear her teasing, mocking voice


“What are you going to do about it?”

This is not how I aim to so acquit

I can't leave on this loss and thus remit

My revenge I shall hereafter eagerly chase

I, fallen lord of the kart no longer in 1st place

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Take a drink from my words and see. See the words that make truly me. Let me be your mysterious guide, to unveil the visage I try to hide.

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  • Holly Pheni2 months ago

    This is so well done! Made me smile.

  • Angelina F. Thomas6 months ago

    Excellent dope work keep it up! super fly work dude!!

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