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Longing Road

An introspective poem on past, present, future, and the meaning of home.

By Amanda StarksPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Longing Road
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Deep down that longing road, I tread

Steeped in unrequited dread

Behind there is the past

A tangled web of memories amassed


Sometimes you wish you could go back

to change things now embedded in concrete

to nudge yourself onto a better path

or to erase an experience that still

haunts your dreams

Sometimes you take a moment

to reminisce

about the good old days spent at home

and sometimes after a smile

a tear will follow

A profound grief not yet understood

for those moments so treasured


On this longing road, I tread

Shadows linger beneath my feet

Another day yet to complete


The present is a poison

A potent mixture

it lingers on the tongue

and stains the mind

You wonder if there is more to life

than this monotone pace

this insistent race

Or you embrace ignorance

refusing to face what comes next


On this longing road, I tread

I look ahead and there is a future

Stitched together like some hurried suture


Then you realize

that there is more time

to find the place you belong

a place you are wanted; home

But you recognize

that time is and never has been

on your side

There is an end to this road

Far down the winding turns

Or right around the corner

hidden by a stop sign

You see it coming

or you don't

You prepare

or you despair

Either way

the pavement ends

and you must make the most of it


Deep down that longing road, I tread

Clinging on to a glowing thread

Past, present, future: ME

A home in time and space set free.

surreal poetry

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Amanda Starks

Book hoarder, fantasy author, gaming goblin. I love all things fantasy and science fiction and love to write stories and share my thoughts on those genres. Subscribe to my free newsletter at amandastarks.com for monthly updates!

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