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Long Distance

by Kit Olsen about a year ago in sad poetry
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A loss, a gain, a self divided

The road underneath the black hatchback passes in a blur of asphalt and faded white lines

Each line that passes by ticks like a second hand on the clock



A countdown to something I don't know, nor want to find out

A countdown to comfort

To an argument

To embraces and laughter and tears and sorrow

They say home is where the heart is

I don't know enough to contradict them, whoever They are

I climb the twenty-two steps up to the apartment overhead

I counted them myself, every trip I made between

In the hectic back and forth of moving

Twenty-two steps, chipped forest green paint faded where the carpet was pulled up

And wood bowed under the wear of hundreds


Of footfalls passing over them

In the years before I came to call this place "home"

If home is where the heart is, then why this dichotomy?

The people I love most welcome me as I leave the vehicle

I'm wrapped in warm arms

Kissed by partners

Left with joyous heartache as I know my time with them is brief

We talk and joke

Tell stories together

We've heard them all a hundred times before but will always beg to hear them again

I think it was Sartre who said,

"If you're lonely when you're alone, you're in bad company"

And it makes me wonder

Twenty-two steps creak and groan with every shifting weight

The key turns in the lock

And I am greeted with meowing cats who rub against my legs

Whether it's out of love or hunger is up for debate

I cook a meal, sit and eat it in front of the TV

I leave it on so I still have company

And sleep on half a queen-sized bed

"Bad company" indeed

My phone buzzes and I wake

To see your smiling face

Contained in a bubble on my screen

And for a few sweet moments

This place feels like home at last

sad poetry

About the author

Kit Olsen

Queer poet, short fiction author, and long-time storyteller of all varieties. Feel free to stick around and see if anything catches your fancy!

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