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lonely willow

by jake c 4 months ago in slam poetry
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CHILDLIKE, tears soak


eyes upon

MERRYMEN, wallow inside


CAPTIVE, songs vibrate


SORROW, mothers milk

mailed by ants

ILLUSION, movements sting

lonesome laugh

INEBRIATED, ghosts sing

of refrigerators

CHOKING, nightmare escape

entanglement flash



ALONE, tireless


Lovelessness eeks into hopelessness

But isnt it so alarming how

We accept both readily and callously

Without thinking about forgiveness


The phone rings, a new day

In someone's world where meadows sing

And in another where gears churn

Captured by

An intimate return

To madness

The sleazy belt buckler’s cup

In the storeroom of codling despair

A janitor found unrenowned

Wild noises

Going up in the air

Crashing complaints sound

Whistles blow silent

On a wind all too still to notice

Garbage mice reply

With nonsense dignity

Fire breath at sunset

Spitting up

Tried lies all wet

In my derelict hamlet,

in tune to hopeless bets


mechanical silence

slam poetry

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jake c

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