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Local Bus


By Usman SahibPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In a bustling town, where dreams abound,

There's a trusty hero that travels around,

It's the Local Bus, a lifeline for all,

Carrying stories, big and small.

With a roar of its engine, it starts the day,

Ready to whisk passengers on their way,

At every stop, it waits with pride,

Welcoming all with arms open wide.

The doors swing open, and people stream,

A vibrant mix of faces, like a living dream,

Young and old, their paths intertwine,

On this humble bus, a momentary lifeline.

The driver, skilled, with hands on the wheel,

Navigates the streets with a steady zeal,

Guiding the bus through the ebb and flow,

In every neighbourhood, it's a familiar show.

From the early morn till the setting sun,

The Local Bus carries everyone,

Students with backpacks, ready for class,

Workers in suits, rushing to amass.

Mothers with strollers, babies in arms,

Senior citizens, cherishing life's charms,

Tourists exploring the town's delight,

The Local Bus is their guiding light.

Through rain or shine, it never fails,

Withstanding challenges, it still prevails,

Connecting communities, building a bridge,

An engine of unity that doesn't diminish.

As it rolls along the city streets,

A rhythmic symphony of journeys meets,

Conversations blossom, friendships form,

A tapestry woven amidst the norm.

So, let's celebrate this humble machine,

A lifeline that connects, the unseen routine,

Raise your voice, give it a cheer,

The Local Bus, our heart's frontier.

performance poetry

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