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Living by Fate

Embracing Inner Strength and Balance

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished 25 days ago 2 min read
Living by Fate
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In our lives, apart from merely the subject of relationships, you should consider soulmate fortunes beyond romancing. Being recognized by others is the result of having our karmic deeds reflected just as the things we do for others exert influences on our actions.

The essence of this idea lies in our sincerity of what we engage in but not boasting of it. But we must be careful that we learn to be happy and not to drift all our lives without having our own life while begging and looking for admiration and subterfuge.

On this matter, however, it's imperative to find someone who brings into our hearts peace and becomes the strength of the spirit, making us stronger.

If this person brings us peacefulness and calmness, then that should mean that when we are with them we feel relaxed and calm in order to avoid anxiety and stress.

One should focus on the inner core of strength rather than be distracted by problems like deadlines, bureaucracy, and troublesome people. Mental resilience also becomes pivotal to success.

The whole work stuff is not necessarily always at par with fairness. Much wiser and better to dumb our words down to avoid a lot of cares like chronic complaining, evil gossip, and unnecessary critical comments that can offend people and worsen the situation.

Of course, you’d better deliver the paper without appearing to have overdone it or being too capable, because such a trait can easily attract scathing remarks or even manipulation. Put premium health of your body and mind above well-being or becoming rich.

Do not be greedy, and often the vagueness is representative of a weak moral character. The rich are not necessarily serendipitous or always dutiful—they can only be so by virtue of favorable karma.

Finally, don't control events just for the sake of control, allow them to work naturally and observe the inbuilt order. No point in holding on to what isn't ordered for you.

Settle down to live a well-balanced, careless life without chasing after relationships or jobs, but lead your life based on your heart’s desire and your destiny given by God above.

Thank you for reading!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran25 days ago

    Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the Humans community 😊

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