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by Selena Shandi about a month ago in inspirational · updated about a month ago
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A Roller Coaster of Colorful Emotions

Adaptation of Photos by Yulia Gadalina and Aiony Haust on Unsplash


Brimming faces

Promised threats

Flushing with hurt

And fear of regrets



Like the sunset

The flowers, the books

This is the color

My love undertook



Glowing, dazzling bright

Full of sun and firelight

Kissing your skin

A welcome sight



In the trees

The leaves, the grass

We finally reached

Beyond the glass



As the sky

Limitless and full

Miles from home

Until the yule




Waters and fruits

A restful sky

And calming flutes




Of blistering faces

Left to dwell

In complacent places


These are my colors

That pass with each day

Something to love

And reasons to pray


In their absence is no life

Blooming, budding, burning bright

For a world of our choosing

Exploring and musing


About the author

Selena Shandi

I am a very optimistic human being who studied psychology and comparative religion in school, worked closely with individuals with disabilities / diverse abilities and now live in my van writing.

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