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Live Long And Love Hard

by Colleen Millsteed 4 months ago in heartbreak
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This is what I would like you to know

Live Long And Love Hard
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I often wonder what I would say to you

If I ever had a chance, not that I will,

I’ve thought long and hard for the words

Although I’m sure I’m in denial still.


I listened to all you had to say to me

Disappointingly I believed your words,

Allowing my walls to tumble down

Looking back now I know it was absurd.


One day I’m in total denial, it’s not true

Then I remember and my anger rises,

At night I’ll cry just a tear or maybe two

As I admit there’ll be no happy surprises.


I would tell you how you made me feel

When you cowardly walked away again,

Classic case of fool me once, shame on you

But I forgave you and yet you did the same.


That makes it “shame on me” I know

I won’t regret that forgiveness, even now,

I felt you deserved a second chance

But it stops there, no more, I’ll not allow.


Love hard, live long and be so very happy

It is exactly that, I would want you to know,

Find your path, dream large, don’t give up

I wish for you the best life you need to grow.


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About the author

Colleen Millsteed

I’ve written poetry most of my life, but never had the courage to publish my writing before. So here goes ........ I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway (my motto in life).

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