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Live like a flower

The excellence of blossoms is something to view

By JANE AYUPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Live like a flower
Photo by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash

The excellence of blossoms is something to view,

Their tones and shapes are so dynamic and intense.

They give pleasure to our lives and lift our spirits,

A sign of nature's magnificence and all that it holds.


The shades of blossoms are a sight to see,

From dark red roses to the lightest of freesia.

Each tone holds its significance and feeling,

A language of adoration that needs no interpretation.


States of blossoms is a show-stopper,

Petals that dance and influence the breeze's delicate heart.

Every one remarkable, no two are something very similar,

An orchestra of excellence in nature's fantastic game.


Scents of blossoms, they truly amuse,

A pleasant smell that waits long into the evening.

From the exciting aroma of roses to the quieting lavender,

Everyone has a power that we can't give up.


Feelings of blossoms are woven into their very being,

From adoration and happiness to despondency and distress, all seeing.

They hold a mirror to our own internal identities,

An update that life's magnificence comes in all structures and retires.


So let us embrace the excellence of blossoms,

Their tones and shapes, their scents and powers.

Allow them to fill our lives with affection and pleasure,

What's more, remind us to see the value in nature's amazing sight.

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