Little One

by Stuart Nineham 6 months ago in sad poetry

For My Unborn

Little One

July 19th a few years ago, this is something only a few know

Let me take you back to one day that my whole life seemed to change, everything needed to re arrange, because I was going to be a dad and to me it was strange, I didn’t realize that following that news I would be filled with pain, but we will get to the in a second, she rang me up saying what you reckon, about having a baby and be honest with me, so being honest with her I said welcome to the family, things were good things were planned, through the bad days I held her hand, she got stressed and I had to be the man, but I was young so I didn’t really understand, the responsibility that comes with having kid, didn’t realize that she would criticize everything that I did, but it was fine I took it on the chin, but now we’re at a certain point I’ve got to begin, the first very dark day I’ve had, see I was going to be a dad, and I could not wait, I mean I was counting down to the date, aint it funny how the due date was that same day heaven took my best mate, she was 3 months gone, and on this certain day I knew something was wrong, I woke up to 21 missed calls and about 5 texts, saying stu I need you where are you please answer your phone, I really need to see you now I’m all on my own, I’m scared, she knew I cared but I wasn’t aware of what news she had to share, she said meet me up the hospital as soon as you can, so I ran up there like I was the gingerbread man, trying to make it there quick, and as soon as I got there I started feeling sick, walked in to a horrible scene she had her hands on her belly, tears flowing down her face I doubt she could see the telly, so I went over and asked what’s up, she said it’s all fucked up, I said what you mean no really what you mean, she said stu honestly I don’t know how to tell you this but somethings happens to our 3 man team, it took a few seconds for me to realize but when I did I just hit the floor, I said Na it can’t be true he’s not here no more, and she just nodded her head, got up and left, left me to not know what to do, I was destroyed honestly it hurt, but you know what’s worse, I missed out on my chance to have a kid but there’s still dads that have theirs, and theres still dads out there that don’t even care, it’s not big it’s not bad, trust me man up because honestly you will never feel as sad, as I did then and as I still do, all of this is exactly what happened yeah it’s all true, it’s just part of my story I wanted to share with you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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