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Lite Brite

by Mattie M. 4 years ago in surreal poetry
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Candy Raver

In softness of her voice

The echo of her heart radiates with joy

Lights up the night with emerald light

In the atmosphere the angel flies

Showers of love stomp her feet on the floor

Candy Ravers dance forever

Circling around

Raising her arms in the air

Moving to the left and the right

Rainbows of light shine in the stratosphere

Sapphire light rising in the night

Bouncing on the floor love ignites

Red sirens flash

In the light

In the light

Candy kisses

Mirrors reflect her soul

Listen to the Bass

Jumping up and down circling the ground

Flames burning bright

Wash away the pain

Cleanse the soul

She wears sunglasses at night

Lite Brite

Lite Brite

Love ignites

surreal poetry

About the author

Mattie M.

Mattie loves uplifting individuals in a more positive direction. She is a poet, short-story writer, and working on her first novel. Writing for a cause to pay for publishing and the editing of my novel on Depression and Anxiety.

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