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by Mary Padilla 4 months ago in slam poetry
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Fuck off, dream snatcher

Don’t let the fact that



Your frightened



You’re tiny

Safe little bubble

Comfort zone

And first-world problems

become the basis

of you placing your


On me

Those are

Your fears

Your limitations

Your unwillingness

Your inabilities

Your insecurities

Your anxieties

Your bullshit

Go right ahead and

Keep your blinders on

Play it “safe”

Play it small

Tone it down

Stay in the harbor

On the shore

Enjoy your tunnel vision

Stifle your own dreams

Make your own excuses

Go on ahead and wait for

“One day”….

But keep your shallow





“World” view

Away from me and my dreams

Because mine are


My vessel will sail

I’ll lose sight of the horizon

To find a million

Beautiful worlds

You can’t even imagine

And that will never exist for you

slam poetry

About the author

Mary Padilla

I’m a rider and a writer, here to give it a go.

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