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Lil Dude On His Own Road

by David Del Angel 5 years ago in inspirational / slam poetry
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Coal Turn Diamond Under Pressure

A Lil Dude on a lonely road. That's Trying to find a home. Cuz where ever he goes there's never any friends, only foes.

Does this mean he can't realize his goals and dreams? Does this mean he cant make monstrous amounts of greens? Is he an alien with no spleen?

Even though he does what humans do, cuz he's human too!! Have you watched him bleed!! And plead for an opportunity so y'all can see. The amount of effort he puts into everything!! And I mean everything!! Cuz losing's not in his genes!!


Why is it a Lil Dude on a lonely road can't get far? When all he dreams of is reaching Mars! And All he wishes is to shine like stars!! And be exactly where he belongs.

Just a brave Mexican and his lonely thoughts

Walking his lonely path with no pause. So just watch out for claws, and watch out for jaws, and be careful not to shit your draw's.

When you see a Silent Wolf not make a sound while tearing something apart!

What a monstrous thought.

This is where nightmares start!!

I understand why some of you would be scared. And want to leave to get some air.

But Beware...

Those deep breaths might just lead you somewhere. Into a lair that has nobody there. But a conscious full of despair.

Understand that's how he felt when needing someone there. But no one was there, cuz nobody cared!! He had no one, so why wouldn't he dare!! To make concrete plans and be prepared.

That Lil Dude with wolfish ways has grown impatient these last couple of days. And only cares about one thing. Making it someway! Making it some day!

No one can stop the Lil Dude, he walks with confidence and competence in his rhythm. His childish ways are with him. And not even seas can defeat'em! And not even from Mount Everest can you see him! Because that's where he lives. A Silent Gentlemen. You were always underneath him.

Scared he'd take your shine, so you reject and outcast him.

But blast!!!

What's that!?! That just past?

One of you pussy niggas asked?

It was the Lil Dude who was on a lonely road, who was trying to find a home? The same Lil Dude that couldn't even apply for a loan.

Yup! He's grown up Fast and made it at last! Yup!! he's surpassed.

It took him awhile but he knew if he stood steadfast. He would bypass reality and become who wanted to be. An unstoppable creature, A wolf in sheep clothing.

So as the story goes, don't ever lose faith on your goals. Stand Your Ground Never Fold.

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About the author

David Del Angel

19 Years Old, Trying To Make My Name Known, DAVID DEL ANGEL In Caps Because I'm Bold 😌💯

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