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Lightning in My Veins

by Benjamin Kibbey 2 months ago in surreal poetry

I need as drowning man needs air, The cursed fuel of desire

Lightning in My Veins
Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

There was a time that I felt God

In every storm and calm,

Flowing from my fingertips,

And pooling in my palms.

It came at me in crashing waves;

Or caught me like the tide;

It filled me up to overflow,

And streamed out of my eyes.

I felt it in a loving touch;

I saw it in each stranger.

I built it up in reservoir

And unleashed it in my anger.

But with the passing time and years

Those things come few and far

Until they are but rarely seen

Like in-the-city stars.

Yet when they come, I feel that rush

And time folds on itself.

I feel it like was never gone;

I feel like… well, myself.

For good or worse, I'm meant to burn,

Not just some warming flame.

I need to burn like hell itself,

And love what can't be tamed.

And it took me time to come to that,

(Who knows where else will take me),

But break or burn or fall apart,

I hope I will not shake free

The burning chains that wrap my soul,

My head and heart on fire,

I need as drowning man needs air

The cursed fuel of desire.

surreal poetry
Benjamin Kibbey
Benjamin Kibbey
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