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Light Dreams like Light Beams

by jmaw 6 months ago in surreal poetry

From Love Ain't Neutral

Light Dreams like Light Beams
When the Sun sets on this Life, the Soul's set a Light

Light Dreams like Light Beams

I dream in beams of light

even when the World

don’t seem all right

I don’t know

where to go


time moves too slow

but I keep dreaming

and then I am Schemin'

and plotting


too many goals behind

but then one day me soul be leaving, leaving

soul… all I can do is believe, believing

in love creation

stream send in consciousness

So I keep dream

Keep dreaming

Soul I

Believe in

So many beams

Of light filling my dreams each


"Light Dreams like Light Beams" is a poem from the upcoming collection entitled Love Ain't Neutral. Follow @soulxwhat on instagram for more info on creative works by jmaw.

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